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Tags, antennas, readers, encoders, software, complete solutions. Our systems are very efficient and very reliable:
  • Our tags operate without problem in very harsh environments (Aerospace, Defense, Medical, ATEX ...). When tested, they were immersed in various formulations of alcohol and acid to test their resistance. They can also be autoclaved (imperative in surgery).
  • Our scanners are able to detect our tags through metal because we know how to effectively circumvent the phenomenon of "Faraday cage." Our concept of RFID detection helps make "permeable" shields, detect, and identify items in a secure process (quality and safety). This material, we have developed, and it is in service with several customers in Europe and on other continents. Our "tunnel" can read tagged instruments even when locked in a metal box.
All our RFID detection systems have been made to the application. Dimensions and powers vary widely. These devices have been custom designed and sold for a specific job. We do not have serial devices representative of a "standard product" and always available. However, we keep a few embryos of systems in our R&D department.

So we have the opportunity, on terms to be agreed, to come up with material to give you, in-situ, a very convincing demonstration of the capabilities of our technology. This is the best way to demonstrate our ability to circumvent the effects of the Faraday cage, and to provide the solutions to your problems.
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