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Our formulas are based on accompanying measures. To find the most appropriate route to success, our employees begin with a comprehensive review of input from our customer data. If necessary, an audit and preliminary analysis may be performed to precisely define the project. All of this information then allows the establishment of a technical and economic proposal with a plan of action leading to the expected result.

Support and Project Management
  • Audit, expertise
  • Assistance and representation to government departments and official bodies involved in projects
  • Support the Marketing and Communication
  • Assistance with project management
  • Drafting of tender documents
  • Launch of tender and support
  • Research, consultations, audits and choice of suppliers
  • Technology transfer (management and monitoring)
  • Monitoring prototypes and preproduction
  • Following for series production (International)
  • Support for installation and commissioning
  • Resource Management
  • Coordination and monitoring studies
  • Establishment and monitoring schedules
  • Control specific tasks

  • Feasibility studies

  • Techno-economic analysis

  • Writing specifications

  • Design - Draft

  • Study, design and product modeling (CAD)

  • Scientific calculations (FEA, FEM)

  • Engineering expertise and product / process

  • QCT Analysis and QHS

  • Study details and development documentaries bundles

  • Writing specifications and technical manuals

  • Establishment of the complete product record

Testing and Implementation

  • Defining and writing test programs

  • Organization and management of trials

  • Monitoring compliance tests

  • Writing test reports and PV monitoring

  • Analysis and synthesis

  • Manufacturing of models and prototypes

  • Manufacturing tests benches

  • Manufacture of special tools

  • Unit production and small series

  • Controls and records metrology

  • Provision of standard and special equipment on request

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