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AXIONYS is an engineering firm based in Magny-les-Hameaux (78) near Paris. Founded in 1999, the company has consistently evolved to provide a local service and meet the specific needs of its customers while providing a comprehensive and personalized response.

Creation of the PMC TECHNOLOGY initially a mechanical design office, working in complementarity Design. In nearly 10 years, the company has acquired strong expertise in plastics, sheet metal and general engineering. This recognized expertise has enabled it to be referenced by the major players in the industry.


To respond to new markets, PMC TECHNOLOGY TRANSILYS becomes a totally dedicated to engineering and structure engineering in mechanical and electronic fields. Through its expertise and its partners (Industrial Design and Model Maker) TRANSILYS exerts its expertise in many industry sectors.


TRANSILYS became independent and integrates new skills internally (Design, Simulations & Calculations scientists). The work is done by contract or in-house at the request of the customer, whether the management of a project, a techno-economic analysis, improved production processes or the development of new products.


The company resumed operations and customers of the company TECHTUAL. On this occasion TRANSILYS increases its capital and becomes AXIONYS, a multidisciplinary engineering company. AXIONYS designs and also provides products and reference equipment for the industry.


“ Our society is full essort. Our teams are very motivated and skills develop. We look forward to, during a meeting, be aware of your plans and help you identify ways to implement to achieve your goals. So do not wait, contact us ! " 

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