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Our engineering company and our employees focus on the issues and the most critical issues for our customers.

We are working on technical, strategic and economic aspects, taking into account delays and regulations relating to quality and safety.




Our solutions are innovative and et realistic, and they are always in line with the needs expressed by our customers.

Multidisciplinary of our skills and cross techniques encountered in various fields, allow us to tell you that there is always a solution.




We help our clients with their most complex and we build solutions to achieve their goals challenges.

To find the most appropriate route to success, our employees begin with a comprehensive review of input from our customer data.


We have some of the best experts in the industry, and we offer unique access to the expertise of specialists equipped with powerful tools.


Design, plastics, composite, general mechanics, micromechanics, fabrication, sheet metal cutting, stamping, hydraulic, pneumatic, ...
Digital modeling and simulation, development of complete products, preparation methods of production.



Hardware (analog and digital, power electronics, radio, EMC test tools, ...)
Software (signal processing, embedded software, HMI, real-time algorithms, ...)
Mastery of standards and regulations. Prototyping validation.



Our team of R&D work to anticipate the needs and product developments for tomorrow's markets.

They imagine the technical solutions that will respond to these new challenges by developing tools to accelerate industrial realization of these ideas.


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