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We design and develop tools and solutions for specific needs. We also provide materials and professional reference products for various applications in different fields of industry.


We distribute a wide range of products (powder and metal compounds, chemical solutions, ...) for various applications in different fields (input and deposition of material, surface treatment, water treatment, ...). Our partner, on the market for over 40 years, is one of the major players in specialty chemicals.




Tags, antennas, readers, encoders, software, complete solutions. Our systems are very efficient and very reliable. Our tags operate without problem in very harsh environments (Aerospace, Defense, Medical, ATEX ...). They can also be autoclaved. Our scanners are able to detect our tags through metal because we know how to effectively circumvent the phenomenon of "Faraday cage."




Our equipment and tools have been designed to meet your needs. Our standards are high quality, and some of these tools suitable for harsh environments. Our professional power tools (Fein, Lübbering, ...) as well as the full range of head and adapters meet the highest standards of performance and quality. They are designed for extended use, and serve interventions in extreme conditions. To ensure better scalability and efficiency, we develop tailor-made products according to your requirements.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any type of request !


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